Welcome back to Uganda

Immigration at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Just like all other good white tourists I have my yellow fever vaccination proof, as well as a copy of my online visa application, that is supposed to speed up the immigration process. Upon entering the airport we are split up into East African citizens, tourists with online visa applications and tourists without online visa applications. Congratulating myself for going through the online application process before the flight, I queue up in the (white)-tourist-with-online-visa-line.

Over half an hour later, all people in the other queues have long left the airport while we are still waiting. A situation that drives every European heart absolutely crazy. The 4 desks dealing with other non-online-visa-customers are empty.  Finally, a blond 20 year old girl decides to  move over to the these desks; she is sent back to our queue immediately. Two minutes later the same official who just send back the girl, is asking people to come to his desk. The blond girl is obviously stressed out.

Finally its my turn. The official helping me can’t find my application, something must have gone wrong.  So I also have to move over to the other desk. Well I could have done that a lot earlier, but somehow things always work out. One hour later I can finally leave the airport- but then the warm evening air definitely makes up for wait- welcome back to Uganda.



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