Crazy children.

 That Subsaharan Africa has many children is nothing new. Neither is that they react a bit crazy to whites, Muzungos, especially in rural areas, where they are hard to find. Most of them have a große Klappe (big mouth) in a group but once you meet them by themselves, they are not so brave after all- a phenomenon of many humans:). Some kids ask for money- none are really perseverent, but most of them just give a markerschütternden (i have no idea what the english word for that is) scream when spotting us: Muzunguuuu! Funny thing is, once we stop and sit down, a lot of times they loose interest in us, we’re not so interesting after all..We’ve had the privilage to observe regional differences..

Rwandan kids are taking a look at the weird muzungos

Ugandan kids can spot you from very far and will rarely greet you with anything else than Bye, bye Muzungo! You would think our response would be hello, but too often you catch yourself responding with the same pitched voice saying bye bye, not even noticing anymore that its a bit of a funny greeting..

Rwandan children only seem to have english lessons in the morning because at ANY given time you encounter them, they will say Good Morning- afternoons and evenings are nonexistent to them.. – again  you tend to accept the ever-morning nature of the place.. 

In Tanzania most children either scream or get a bit scared. This might sound a bit mean- but pretty amusing on long unexcizing roads; when they don’t see you and you come from behind- when they see us, their initial reaction is to jump far away, which is quite funny to watch! Only after we have passed they are brave enough to go for once a again :Muzunguuu!!!  

Also, quite regularly we are dressed with Hallo Mister.  We are indecisive if this is due to the limited knowledge of English or our not so lady-like outfits:-)

Nevertheless, the by far funniest reaction to us comes from children in Malawi; whenever they spot us they make super weird noises and howareyous in a high pitched very strangely accented voice. It sounds to me like they are trying for an american accent, but we didn’t get to the core of this yet.. We are guessing its from a tv show or something like that- well whatever they are trying, it makes me laugh a lot! 

The children are always there, everywhere we pass. They are there on the side of the roads; on their way to school, to play the wheel game, to carry water, to look after cattle, to just have a look, to sell vegetables, to carrying their siblings and so on. Even though a lot of times they are so freaking enjoying, I guess they are to a large extend what we apprechiate about Africa; it’s liveliness.


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